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How to conserve energy during a heat wave

Conserving energy is important for both your pocketbook and to keep the lights on, as this week's heat wave is causing concern about possible power outages.

INDIANAPOLIS — There are some steps you can take to help conserve energy during times of extreme heat, like this week when soaring temperatures are expected to surpass 90 degrees. 

Duke Energy told 13News that customers should change their air filters regularly. Dirty air filters will make your systems work harder and waste energy.

Thermostats should be set to the highest comfortable setting. The smaller the difference between inside and outside temperatures, the lower your energy use will be. Blinds, drapes and curtains should also be closed throughout the day.

Try using a ceiling fan to supplement air conditioning. You'll want to make sure your ceiling fan is operating in a counterclockwise direction. 

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Other suggestions include grilling outdoors and being sure to turn off unnecessary lights.

Adding to the importance of conserving energy is the fact that this week's extreme heat wave is causing energy concerns and warnings about the possibility of power outages. 

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An assessment by the North American Electric Reliability Corp. says the Midwest "faces a capacity shortfall in its North and Central areas, resulting in high risk of energy emergencies during peak summer conditions."

Locally, energy companies are warning of the possibility of rolling power outages during peak usage this summer. 

NineStar Electric is asking customers to consider cutting back on energy usage during peak times (Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.). The company also said avoiding running dishwashers, dryers and other non-essential electric devices will help.

Bartholomew County REMC echoed similar concerns in a social media post, warning customers to be prepared for possible power shortages.

While NineStar and Bartholomew County REMC are warning customers, AES Indiana told 13News it is not yet concerned.

Central Indiana will get a break from the heat later this week. 

The next storm chance is Thursday. Behind that weather system will be some milder air.

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