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'The Grocery Gal' provides quality over quantity in grocery delivery business

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, preschool teacher Anne Westphal started her own grocery delivery business called “The Grocery Gal” to make money for her family.

INDIANAPOLIS — With so many personal grocery apps popping up this summer as a result of social distancing, one Carmel mom has found success as a shopper by focusing on quality over quantity. 

“I take my time, and I want to make sure that everybody's happy, and that's why I have five-star rating,” said Carmel-Clay preschool teacher Anne Westphal.

When the coronavirus hit, Westphal was worried she wouldn’t be able to find work to make extra money for her family during summer break. So, she started her own grocery delivery business called “The Grocery Gal” using the Dumpling delivery app. 

“The Grocery Gal persona is somebody like me, who is super outgoing, who loves to shop for people and find deals,” Westphal said. “If I see a meat that you want, but it happens to be a little bit cheaper because it's getting ready to expire, maybe you want to use that meat right then and there. It's great to be able to say, ‘Hey, I can save you a couple bucks. Are you okay if I give you this package?’ Then, I can even take a picture and send it, so people can see exactly what they're getting.”

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Instead of employing dozens of drivers, Westphal decided to do all the deliveries herself and offer each of her customers a more thorough VIP service. 

And it worked. Anne is now looking to expand her shopping areas beyond her favorite stores like Kroger, Costco Target, Meijer and Trader Joe's.

“If there is a store that you want me to go to, there is an option called ‘Pick a Store,” Westphal said. “As we think about school, if you want me to go to Staples, I can go to Staples.”

North siders are now demanding Westphal as their own personal shopper, and she’s not only been able to provide extra income for her family this summer, she was also able to buy a brand new car — to make the deliveries in style. 

“I actually went out and bought a new car because of [my success],” Westphal said. “This was booming so much that my little Kia Soul was not cutting it. So, we decided to upgrade to a Sportage, and I absolutely love it! So, I definitely see this continuing!”

Of course, safety is top-of-mind for The Grocery Gal, so Westphal always wears a mask, never interacts directly with customers and always gives constant updates on the groceries’ location via text messages. 

Westphal is so proud of her five-star customer ratings, she plans to continue to provide personalized deliveries even when the school year starts back up next month. 

If you want to get in contact with The Grocery Gal, click here.

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