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Tensions run high at Hendricks County school board meeting

Some parents say they want all members of the North West Hendricks School Corporation to step down over a decision not to fire a football coach who has been accused of molesting a student.

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) - Tensions were high Tuesday night at the North West Hendricks school board meeting.

Some parents say they want all members of the North West Hendricks School Corporation to step down.​

This comes after the board decided not to fire Tri-West varsity football coach Tyler Bruce after a female student claimed he molested and abused her. ​

The victim's father addressed the board. ​

"It's a pretty emotional thing for my family right now," said Mark Lewis. ​

Lewis said his emotions were focused on a select few. ​

​"It's about the one or two that cause cancer in this community that you guys aren't taking care of that's making the entire community look bad," said Lewis.​

Bruce has denied claims and has not been charged. He is on paid administrative leave and under criminal investigation. ​

The Indiana Department of Education has filed a formal complaint against Bruce's teaching license back on September 5. A formal date for a hearing has not yet been set. ​

While some stand behind the coach others claim some teachers knew about the allegations and did nothing.​

"How dare you stand by and not do anything. No one spoke up. There were students that called the hotline and still no one did anything," said one woman. ​

One teacher fired back.​

"We don't deserve the abuse we are getting. Perhaps some poor choices were made, but that does not represent us as a whole," said teacher Tim Kern.​

The new interim superintendent tried to calm frustrations.​

"As we move forward we're going to try to do everything we can to be transparent and try to heal as a community," said Dr. Scott Syverson.​

Many who came out say they just want the investigation handled correctly so that this school district can finally move forward.​