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Tenants facing eviction want to warn future residents of conditions at east Indianapolis apartments

Two renters said "unsanitary living conditions" are having a negative impact on their children.

INDIANAPOLIS — Mold and holes in the ceiling, and not a lot being done to fix it: That is just a portion of the complaints 13News has heard about an Indianapolis apartment complex on the city's east side.

Alexis has lived in Cheswick Apartments since February and said the conditions have been "terrible" since she moved in. She asked 13News not to show her face because she's worried about retaliation from apartment management.

"My kids' windows were shattered to the point where I couldn't let them sleep in there during storms because I was scared the glass would fall on them. I have mold over my sink. The toilet, all the plumbing is messed up. If you use the restroom upstairs, it floods on your cabinets, gets on your food," Alexis said.

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Alexis said she's not the only renter living in these conditions. Jasmine's apartment also has issues, and she said it's a struggle to get maintenance to make any repairs.

She has the same story as Alexis. She said she has mold all over, even near her children's toys. Her front doorknob also fell off.  

Jasmine also asked 13News to conceal her identity.

"Come fix the doorknob. This is a fire hazard, a safety hazard for me and my children. I shouldn't have to be standing outside with my door handle. Everyone can see inside of my house," she said.

Both mothers said the unsanitary living conditions are having a negative impact on their children.

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"We've been having snotty noses and congestion. My kids are complaining about their breathing," Jasmine said.

Both said they've been impacted financially by COVID-19. They are now being evicted. They said a judge has been working with them and has given them more time to find a solution.  

Credit: Jasmine

Alexis and Jasmine said they chose to talk to 13News not because they want to stay at Cheswick Apartments, but rather because they hope it will improve conditions for future renters.

"Somebody else is going to have to live in that house. They're probably going to have to deal with the same problems I deal with. It's just not right. We are people like you. Yeah, we might be behind on payments and stuff, but that doesn't mean let us live in this type of environment because of that," said Alexis.

13News reached out to Cheswick Apartments and the owners but have not yet received a response.

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