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Stuck at home because of COVID-19? You still have a way to vote

If you're quarantined because of coronavirus, it doesn't mean you can't cast your ballot.

INDIANAPOLIS — Even if a COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure has you quarantined, that doesn’t have to keep you from your right to vote.  

“Every voice counts,” said Paula Wilcox, a Democrat who lives in Hamilton County.  

Wilcox and Tom Williams, a Republican, are volunteers with Hamilton County’s Travel Board, a bipartisan team of election workers who go to homes to enable voting.  

“We actually go in the morning and the clerk’s office has a list of people that have called in and requested for us to come out to their house because they’re shut in for one reason or the other,” Williams said. 

Travel boards aren’t new. Every county has them. The new element this year is coronavirus.

“When they’ve been exposed to COVID, we stay outside, we don’t even go inside the house,” Williams said. “We’ve masked up. We’ve got gloves on. We Lysol everything when we get back to the car. I think we take all precautions we can to make sure that we’re not going to be infected with anything.”

How it works 

You fill out your ballot privately, put it inside a privacy envelope and sign and date it. Then the travel board signs it, too. For an appointment, you must complete a request form and email it back before noon on Monday. Those forms can be found on the state’s website . Click on "Vote by Mail or Traveling Board." When you email, include your phone number so your county election board can call you to set up an appointment to come to your house before midnight Tuesday morning. 

Travel board volunteers have visited dozens of homes in Hamilton County, six in Johnson County and more than 1,000 in Marion County.  

“There’s a real need out there for people who are shut in or homebound and this is just fulfilling that need to help everyone voice their vote. It’s an important election,” said Wilcox.

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