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Schrenker attorney reviewing documents

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Marcus Schrenker

Hamilton County - Former Geist money manager Marcus Schrenker is still looking at a late summer trial on 11 felony charges alleging, among other things, that he bilked friends, family members and other investors of more than $1 million.

Schrenker could face up to 88 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

At a hearing in Hamilton County court Thursday, Schrenker's attorney said he's still going though thousands of documents and evidence related to Schrenker's upcoming trial.

"I'm sure from a public standpoint this appears as though it's moving at a snail's pace but I can tell you it's not," said Chadwick Hill, Schrenker's attorney.

In an interview earlier this month with a northwest Indiana newspaper, the former pilot, already sentenced for crashing his plane to fake his death, acknowledged responsibility to his former clients and told them he would try to help them recoup their losses.

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