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It was supposed to be Sanaa's 16th birthday. A mother now shares a message through her heartbreak

Sanaa Amenhotep died at only 15-years-old earlier this year.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Saturday would have been Sanaa Amenhotep's 16th birthday. 

In Sanaa's honor, family and friends gathered to remember the teen who was killed earlier this year.

At least a couple of dozen people attended what they called a Sweet 16 Walk, at Columbia’s Spring Valley High School. Those participating walked 2,400 steps and spent 24 minutes doing exercise activities for the 24 days it took to find Sanaa's body. 

The teen was last seen by family back in April getting into a vehicle with another teen. Investigators said she was later lured into a different vehicle and taken to Batesburg-Leesville where she was eventually shot and killed.

Sanaa’s mother Saleemah Graham-Fleming has since started an organization called M.O.S.T. Outreach, standing for Mother's of Slain Teens. The organization is to help bring change to gun violence in memory of Sanaa. 

"I was supposed to be celebrating my daughter's 16th birthday," Saleemah said. "Instead I'm having a walk in her honor. This is a living nightmare. Let's come together as a community to make sure this is not a nightmare for another person."

And she has vowed to make sure this effort doesn't end after Sanaa's birthday.

"Not just through the summer, through the holidays, people tend to get a little outrageous with their behavior," she said. "Let's be mindful of each other. Let's teach our children to see each other as individuals and not likes on social media."

Saleemah's organization is working on the Amenhotep Law, designed to empower parents and give their voices credibility when their children go missing. 

Learn more about her organization here.


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