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Ray's Trash Service crew brings special birthday gift to Greenwood girl

Some people throw things away and others find something in the trash. One 11-year-old girl in Greenwood found something more valuable than gold.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) - Life can be funny sometimes.

Take your trash service as an example. Some people throw things away and others find something. One 11-year-old girl in Greenwood found something more valuable than gold.

Birthdays are always a big day for a child. It is no different for 11-year-old Hope Parker. She is spending her big day with her friends, but one thing you immediately notice is everyone Hope meets is a friend.

"Of our five children she is by far our most social. She wants to engage with everyone. She wants to talk with everyone. She craves that connection," Jennifer Parker said.

Which is extremely interesting because she can't speak. Born with half a heart, Hope suffered a stroke during open heart surgery that robbed her of the ability to speak.

"She has been critically ill and we are living in the bonus round and we are aware of that, so we do not take anything for granted," Jennifer explained.

One thing Hope takes particular joy in is watching the trash truck come by and they noticed.

"I asked her mom when was her birthday, so we could get her something nice," Dylan O'Conner from Ray's Trash Service shared.

So they did, and they made that delivery during Friday's pick up.

"I was overwhelmed. I was completely overwhelmed," mom remembered.

The girl who can't speak communicated something that didn't need words. And it robbed her mother of hers.

"I was having trouble speaking because I just felt so blessed," Jennifer said.

"She was overwhelmed. That was probably the happiest kid I have ever seen," Tim O'Conner remembered.

"I was feeling like we are so blessed. Their kindness. Their compassion. I was shocked," Jennifer said.

"Just by her expressions, you can't really describe it. It makes you feel like a better person," Tim O'Conner from Ray's Trash Service said.

So the two decided they were going to be there for the girl who is always there for them.

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