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Police seek creeper caught on camera pleasuring himself outside Plainfield home

Two different families in Hendricks County say a man was creeping outside their home and spying on their children.
This man was caught on camera looking into the windows of two Plainfield homes.

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) - Two different families in Hendricks County say a man was creeping outside their home and spying on their children.

"I was just, like, speechless," said Nydia Botero after watching home surveillance video captured by cameras outside the back of her house on Emery Drive in Plainfield.

Botero says she and her husband were arguing Monday afternoon over which one of them moved the ladder in their backyard and blocked the doggie door. Both thought the other had done it, so they turned to the video to see who was right.

After watching the video, though, the ladder became the least of their worries. What they saw left them terrified.

On the video, you see a man come into the Botero's backyard around 5:30 in the morning.

He tries to move the ladder he notices up against the house. When he can't get it to move where he wants, the video shows the man climbing a tree to look into an upstairs window. That's the room where Botero says her teenage daughters were getting ready for school at that time.

"He doesn't care we have a camera. He doesn't care we have neighbors. He doesn't care if we have dogs. He's just taking care of his business," said Botero, explaining that the man proceeded to sexually pleasure himself.

Eventually, the man climbs back down the tree and stares into the back patio door window before climbing back up the tree for another look in the upstairs window. At one point, the video shows the man try to cover his face with his shirt when he realizes there's a security camera.

"He's just violating our privacy, our home, and I can't even imagine having him inside," said Botero.

Right across the street, Bekezela Mguquka doesn't have to imagine. Early Wednesday morning, Mguquka woke up to hear her teenage daughter and nieces screaming down the hall.

"Their faces, they looked so terrified," said Mguquka of how the girls looked when she got to their room.

"'Mommy, he was right there in our face. We saw him looking at us'," Mguquka says the girls told her after they explained that they woke up to see a man crawling on the floor in the bedroom where they were sleeping.

"He didn't say anything. Just staring at them," said Mguquka.

It's the second time in three weeks Mguquka says the girls have woken up in the middle of the night to find a man in their room. Both times, the girls woke up and screamed and the man ran out of the house.

The family discovered he likely got in the house by cutting window screens on the back of the house, opening the windows and crawling inside.

"It's so shocking. I think he targets girls," said Mguquka.

Both families can't help but think the same person is responsible each time. They worry he's getting bolder and think other families could be targets, too.

"They need to be aware, so many kids around this neighborhood," said Botero.

Plainfield police say an investigation into all three incidents is ongoing.