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Police search for suspects in hit and run crash that killed a 55-year-old man

Ronnie McGee's family wants to know why the drivers didn't stop after he was fatally struck last week.

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis family who lost a loved one hopes someone will come forward to help police find answers in a deadly hit-and-run case.

The tragedy unfolded Sunday night at 38th Street and Emerson Avenue.

Ronald McGee's relatives say he was walking from a hotel, crossing a street to get cigarettes from a gas station. 

He never arrived.

Two cars hit McGee. Neither stopped afterward.

“I want to know why didn’t you stop," said LaToya Brown. "You took somebody’s family member away.”

Brown said her Uncle Ronnie had a sense of humor. 

“He always made you laugh," she said, choking up. "He always made you laugh and we’ll never get to see him again. We’ll never get to hear his voice again."

All McGee's family has are pictures and a video of him helping build his nephew’s west side gym. 

“I know who he was and the kind of heart he had, and he would help anybody if anybody needed some help or something,” said Ronnie’s older brother Kenneth. 

Police say a white SUV was going west on 38th Street and hit McGee first, knocking him to the ground. A second vehicle, this one going east on 38th Street, then hit him.

From parts recovered at the scene, investigators believe one of the cars is likely a 2015-2021 Nissan Murano. They don't have additional information about the SUV.

“I’m so grateful to God they had cameras around and now the detectives have something to work with,” said Brown. 

“They didn’t care about his life and how many people that loved him,” added Ronnie’s great niece, Nevaeh Morrow-Carter. 

And there were many people that loved Ronnie. 

“That’s what makes it hard for me to wrap my mind around it, is that people are that cruel that they’re going to hit somebody and just get up and leave the scene and not even show any type of compassion and stop, just to see if they were OK or needed any type of help,” said Kenneth. 

His unexpected death, happening in such a terrible way and with no answers, has left McGee's family bereft. 

“Tomorrow is not promised and today, the next moment, isn’t either. You just never know,” said Brown. 

McGee’s funeral is Saturday. The family has established a GoFund Me account to help with expenses.