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Plainfield man wins $15.8M Hoosier Lottery jackpot

The winner has been a semi-truck driver for more than 25 years. Now he says he is ready to retire that semi-truck and maybe replace it with a school bus.
Credit: Hoosier Lottery

INDIANAPOLIS — A semi-truck driver from Plainfield had his lottery ticket in his pocket for two days before he brought it into a gas station and realized he had just won an estimated $15.8 million. "I cut grass on Sunday, worked Monday, and didn’t think to look at it until Tuesday," Craig said. "The whole time it was in my wallet."

On Tuesday, he was at a gas station and decided to get the ticket scanned. The register read, "Claim at Hoosier Lottery office in Indianapolis" and soon his Hoosier Lottery jackpot win started to become clear. 

He checked the ticket again at home. 

"I checked it and had to stumble for my glasses," Crag said. "I just stared at those numbers.”

Then he stopped at a convenience store and requested the winning numbers be printed out — they matched again. At that point, Craig called into the Hoosier Lottery and said, "I think I won the lottery."

Craig has been a semi-truck driver for more than 25 years and he mows lawns on the side.

"The dollars earned from cutting grass is my little extra money," Craig said. 

The husband and father said he's now looking forward to retiring his semi-truck and maybe trading it off for a school bus. He also still plans to continue enjoying the little things, like his side hobby of mowing lawns. 

"Retirement is in the plans. I am not a big spender. I may get myself a treat. I love cutting grass and will continue to do that. After driving a semi for many years, I think I’d rather drive a school bus," Craig said.

He claimed his prize with his family on Saturday, opting for the cash payout of $9.6 million.


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