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Parvo cases in dogs increasing in Marion County

Dogs in Marion County are under attack but not from what you might expect.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Dogs in Marion County are under attack but not from what you might expect.

An increase in the parvo virus is a direct threat to your dog, and if you think just keeping them at home keeps them safe think again.

Marion County is currently seeing an increase in reports of the parvo virus in dogs.

"Parvo is life threatening for the animals that are exposed to it, and we really need people to get their animals vaccinated," Katie Trennepohl Deputy Director with the Indianapolis Animal Care Services said.

For the Indianapolis Animal Care Service the problem seems to be with dogs that are surrendered.

"We do see more of it this time of year, but we also see more puppies coming in this time of year, so animals can get parvo year-round. Lives in the soil, in your house for a long time once it's been in the environment," Trennepohl continued.

"So far we have been lucky and haven't seen any deaths in the community. Especially those who request help from urgent care," Angela Hopson with SOAR said.

Hopson started SOAR five years ago. She takes in the pets of homeless who are seeking help until they can get back on their feet. Dr. Leslie Brooks is the veterinarian for SOAR explained.

"If you go to the dog park or even walking around the block there is a chance they could be exposed as well," Dr Brooks said.

The good news is there is a simple vaccine the dog can take to prevent the virus.

"There are plenty of low cost clinics in Indianapolis and surrounding counties. It can be as $10-15 dollars or less than that," Dr Brooks continued.

And it can save of life of someone's best friend.

There are several symptoms of parvo to watch out for including blood in your pet's stool.

Another symptom is if your pet begins acting lethargic, has a fever or suffers from severe weight loss.

More information about SOAR click here, or visit their Facebook page.