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Saving energy and money while working from home

Working from home means your electric bill is likely going up this month. Here are a few free ways for you to save electricity and money.

SCRANTON, Pa. — For many people, "off to work" is now "off to the home office," which means your electric bill is likely going up. We talked with Alana Roberts, a regional affairs director with PPL to find no-cost ways to help you save money on your bill.

"There's financial hardships from this pandemic, and we're also not encouraging people to go to the stores, so we really need to think about no-cost things people can do in their homes right now in order to decrease their bills," Alana Roberts said.

The best place to start is with your electric supplier.

"PaPowerSwitch.com is the place you want to go in order to find rates on electricity. The supplier portion of your bill is something you're able to choose, and the rates are different based on what company you select," Roberts explained.

Once you've shopped around for the best rate, set your heat.

"We recommend 68 degrees, but certainly, the lower you get your thermostat, the more energy you're saving."

Check the temperature of the refrigerator and make sure it's about 35 to 38 degrees," Roberts recommended. "You can check your water heater thermostat and see that's set on 120."

One of the easiest ways to save money on your electric bill while working from home during the day is to turn your lights off and let daylight light the room.

"When we're talking about energy efficiency, it's the cumulative effect that is going to make a difference on the bill.

Roberts tells us that PPL has a variety of programs to help customers pay their bills, and because of the coronavirus pandemic, some of the income restrictions have been increased so that more customers have access to those programs. You can get more information here.

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