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Volunteers fill care packages for nurses working an extra hour this weekend

Most of us get an extra hour of sleep next Sunday morning. For night workers, it's an extra hour on their shift.

INDIANAPOLIS β€” The "time change" is coming next weekend.

We will be falling back and resetting clocks on Nov. 7.

For most of us, the Daylight Saving Time adjustment means an extra hour of sleep Sunday, but for those who work the night shift, it means an extra hour of work.

Unless you work overnights, you probably never considered the impact of the time change, but volunteers at WGU Indiana are assembling care packages to let healthcare workers toiling at night know they are seen.

"Recognition is so important," said WGU's Mary Carney. "You know, they say that people don't leave jobs, they leave managers. And sometimes, if you work the night shift, you never see your manager. You never get that feedback. So this is kind of positive feedback for those people who kind of toil away in the middle of the night and are invisible to the administration and the leadership in the health care facilities."

The blue boxes, full of tchotchkes, Post-its, lip balm, pens, hot chocolate mix, candy and granola bars, come with a message: "Thank you. Here's a treat."

"Night shift is kind of a unique thing, in that a lot of hospitals, their cafeteria is not open, there's nowhere to eat, so this little night shift goodie box is really meaningful," Carney said.

Once assembled, the gifts will be shipped across Indiana to 25,000 nurses.

It's a project WGU started in 2013.

"It's even more important this year and in the midst of a pandemic," said WGU Chancellor Alison Bell. "You know, our workers are stretched pretty thin and have been through quite a lot, so every little thing that we can do to recognize them."

The boxes come with a single stipulation - that they be opened at 2 a.m., when the extra hour of work starts.

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