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'Once Upon A Princess' creates magical parties for kids without having to travel

Parents who don’t want to travel to Orlando with their kids just yet are turning to "Once Upon A Princess" to make their dreams come true.

INDIANAPOLIS — They are magical. 

They are beautiful. 

And most importantly, they are local. 

Families who are yearning for a “Happily Ever After” experience for their kids, now that COVID restrictions are being lifted, are turning to Indy’s own “Once Upon a Princess.”

“I though it would be a great idea to try and bring princesses to life and do them for kids parties,” founder Ashley Heiney said. "Unfortunately, going to Orlando is kind of a hefty price tag, and we can offer just as much — if not more — magic because we can do one on one things for much cheaper. And so I think people reach out because they know that they can get that same quality, that same magic with us, without having to take a flight and take off a week of work.”

Heiney said the pandemic cast a dark spell over her princess company, almost dooming it. But now, parents who don’t want to travel to Orlando with their kids just yet are turning to her to make their dreams come true without leaving the state.

“Most bookings really slowed down for about eight months,” Heiney said. “Now that things are kind of going back to some kind of normal, we have been blowing up! We are doing anywhere from 25 to 30 parties a month right now! Parties have been booming for the past probably four months, but I'm ready to do more. I want to be doing 60 parties a month!”

If you’re wanting to book a princess for your next party, they range from $160 to $260, depending on how long you’d like them to stay, between 30 and 90 minutes. 

“We offer over 85 characters in total,” Heiney said. “Parents are always floored to see what we actually look like. They are always so excited, and then the kids just absolutely love it.” 

Credit: Strange Photography
"Once Upon A Princess" is making the dreams of local families come true without having to travel to Disney.

Heiney relishes her role as a princess coach.

“We have these big training guides that tell them everything they need to know about the story of their character: the makeup process, how to wear their dresses properly. We go through pretty intense trainings, pretty frequently, to make sure that we're always on our A-game," Heiney said. “Really, it's just making sure that you're going to fit in well with a team, and that you can do a little acting and a little singing." 

A princess party planner? Not a bad way to make a living! 

“I’m really in it to make magic,” Heiney said. “The money is just a really nice added bonus.”

If you’d like more info on renting a princess, or you’d like to become a princess yourself, click here

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