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Nuns' prayer request is answered by pillow manufacturer

It began when Mary Ann Barothy went to the My Pillow company website and made a request.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Little Sisters of the Poor often rely on divine intervention to help with a bare bones budget. Recent prayers for pillows were answered by a late-night pitchman whom they say was heaven-sent.

The sisters run St. Augustine's retirement home on W. 86th St. They have a knack for getting the things residents need. Gretchen Coogan and other residents began asking about pillows.

"Both units complained the pillows weren't too comfortable and a bit lumpy," said Sister Cecila.

So the sisters added pillows to their list of needs, a list given to development director Mary Ann Barothy.

Barothy had a vision - of a man with pillows.

"I believe in divine providence and the Little Sisters founder St. Jeanne Jugan would beg for the needs of residents and I thought pillows, My Pillow, why not try?"

Barothy went to the My Pillow company website filled out a request.

And a week later? "Voila, February 14th there were 115 pillows." she said.

There was one for every resident including Gretchen, who's seen the My Pillow ads countless times.

"He tried every pillow you can imagine and none of them was good, they were too flat or too high," Gretchen said of My Pillow founder Mike Lindell. It prompted Lindell to design his own pillow.

"(I'm) completely awestruck he was so generous about doing something so beautiful," Gretchen said of Lindell's donation.

"We right away thanked St. Joseph and St. Jeanne Jugan because we pray to them when we have needs and they have never let us down over the years," said Sister Cecilia.

The same week, the sisters received 100 "Oh My Shoulder Pillows" from that company as it was going out of business.

"The sisters are thrilled, the residents are thrilled and it's just another visual if you believe, try," said Barothy.

"As Mike would say, your prayers are answered," Gretchen added,

It turned out to be great timing for the sisters. The pillows arrived just before their annual luncheon and needs auction, scheduled for May 2.