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Now is the time to make sure your car is ready for wintry weather

AAA offers tips for being ready to travel in deteriorating conditions.
Credit: WTHR
Ice coating a car windshield. (WTHR file photo)

INDIANAPOLIS — Even though we're not into winter yet, colder temperatures are coming.

Now is the time to make sure your car is ready. AAA has four recommendations to "winterize" your vehicles, starting with the tires. Major things to check include the tread and air pressure.

Up next, windshield wipers. Make sure they're working properly with plenty of washer fluid to clear away snow, ice and salt build-up.

After that, make sure your car battery is in optimum condition to avoid any breakdowns in the cold winter months.

Finally, have an emergency road kit. You need things like a spare tire, a car jack and jumper cables. Also consider packing bottled water, a flashlight, road flares and a reflective safety vest in case you break down along the road at night.