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Notes left on lockers at Carmel High School hope to spread positivity

As an act of kindness, a Carmel High School ceramics class decided to spread positivity through notes left on lockers and in hallways.

INDIANAPAOLIS (WTHR) — One week after the deadly school shooting in Florida, and days after chaos filled Carmel High School, encouraging messages to students popped up on lockers.

Thousands of notes lifted students' spirits at Carmel High School.

"I mean it's kind of just like a wake up call. That anything can happen to anyone at any time and place," Sophomore Aaliyah Thompson said.

That "anything" that Thompson speaks of doesn't always have to be bad though. It can also be good.

One of the notes reads:

"The greatest views are after the hardest climbs don't give up."

The idea for these inspirational messages came to fruition well before this past week's events. But they just happened to appear during a time that mattered even more.

"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today," another note read.


"Any time is a good time to do something good for somebody and that's what our job is here on planet earth," Carmel High School teacher Sarah Wolff said.

So two weeks ago Wolff says she asked her ceramics class to come up with a random act of kindness.

With $20, 30 students were able put up 5,100 positive messages to students throughout the high school.

"It just puts a smile on my face and a lot of others. It makes me happy," Senior Brayden Williams said.


"I said to the kids whether your student body throws this on the ground or whether that actually makes an impact on somebody's day, it's the only good thing they hear and maybe when they go home they make better decision because somebody they don't know said something positive to them, Wolff said. "You don't know that and that's what a random act of kindness is."

This is just one of 24 acts of kindness leading up to the school's mental health awareness week.