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Noblesville business finds creative way to serve customers

Did you know you can still get games from Moonshot Games in Noblesville during the "stay-at-home" order? It's as simple as ordering a meal from a catering company!

NOBLESVILLE. Ind. (WTHR) — Moonshot Games in Noblesville might not be an “essential business,” but owner Jayson Manship thinks his shop full of board games and puzzles is pretty darn close.

“We think it’s important for mental health, but we also totally understand the Governor’s protocols, and we’re not going to do anything to risk anybody’s safety," Manship said.

To that end, Manship has forged a unique partnership to offer up his board games to families who are bored with each other and looking for something new to do.

Manship has relocated the tens of thousands of games he had in his Noblesville store to his house with his wife and two kids. Now, his store co-owners and he have figured out the best way to get their games to their customers — and how to stay in business.

“We've partnered with Nameless Catering to offer board games with their deliveries,” Manship said. “In this partnership, we are adding 10-12 board games to their online store so when customers order online family meals, they can also get a game or two delivered.”

To further enhance the relationship, anyone who orders from either store also receives a coupon for the other. In other words, buy board games at Moonshot Games and get a coupon for frozen meals at Nameless Catering and vice versa.

“As a local shop, we definitely care a lot about our local community and want to help where we can,” Manship said. “But it’s a weird world right now. We’re all just trying to figure it out.”