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New hospital promises state-of-the-art care for patients in Shelby County

New, state-of-the-art healthcare has arrived in Shelby County and it's already giving patients there a new peace of mind.

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - New, state-of-the-art healthcare has arrived in Shelby County and it's already giving patients there a new peace of mind.

Eyewitness news reporter Carrie Cline spent the morning in Shelbyville where the old Major Hospital closed and the new M-H-P Health Center opened.

It's moving day at Shelbyville's Major Hospital and just like any moving day, things start dark and early.

This is the dawn of a new era in Shelby County. A hospital has operated on this property since 1924. But, effectively immediately, this hospital is now closed.

"Improving costs to patients and the value they receive. That's the most important thing we're doing in this new era of healthcare," said Jack Horner, Major Health Partners CEO.

So, Employees are packing up and clearing out everything here. That means no more emergency services, no more surgeries, no more patients at this facility.

It's all moving it all to the brand new Major Health Partners Health Center.

Johnna Wakefield is one of the first patients to get transferred to the new hospital. A short ambulance ride from the old to the new catapulted her decades ahead in terms of technology and comfort. When you look around, it's easy to see from the main entrance and atrium to the patient floors This place is special and the patients can quickly feel the difference.

"I think the room is great. It's twice the size of the old hospital. A lot more gadgets around here makes it a lot more easier for everybody," said Wakefield.

The call pad is one example of those gadgets. It now offers options so patients can indicate their need before the nurse comes in.

"I'm gonna tell them I need water," said Wakefield.

"Here's your water... Is the room temperature okay?" asked a nurse.

And for doctors, this new facility means more convenience they specifically requested.

"We were able to design this from the ground up designed around how the patient moves through the system and how we always think about the patient. So, this is a much more patient-centric approach than most hospitals," said Dr. Tom Heniff, MHP Physician.

"I think everything will be a lot easier," said Wakefield.

And Ms. Wakefield will be joined by plenty of others as the transfers continue throughout the day. The transition from the old to the new expected to be complete by tonight.

The new MHP Medical Center will also have 16 more beds than the old hospital taking the patient capacity form 56 to 72.