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Neighbors concerned over proposed school bus depot in Nora

​A Washington Township school board meeting is scheduled for December 11. ​

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Leaders at Washington Township Schools are proposing a new operations center to include a school bus depot.

​It would be located at 91st Street and College Avenue, and some neighbors say they don't want it.​

​Many came to the Nora Public Library Thursday with hopes of sharing their concerns with the Nora Northside Community Council.​ ​Instead, the president of the council said news of the depot came as a surprise, and no one was prepared to explain it to the public because they didn't have detailed information.​

​"To hear that this Nora Northside Community Council, which remains informed on everything in this area, to know they were blindsided, it feels very uncomforting and shady," said Jacob Katz, a parent who opposes the bus lot.​

​Katz questioned if this is the right move and what impact new construction would have on home values.​

"I've literally lived here my entire life, and I just happened to — 10 years ago — officially move into this part of the community. I feel very strongly that this is not good for the community," said Katz.​

Other parents say getting the measure approved will be a long process, and they hope school board members remain in tune with the community.​

​"They're going to need to make sure it really fits within the community because it's currently a bunch of soccer fields. Change is not easy in this neighborhood, so they're going to have a lot of families ask, 'how does this impact me?'" said parent T. Ray Phillips.​

​A Washington Township school board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 11 at 6 p.m.

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