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Nashville community holds 'Solidarity Rally'

A 'Solidarity Rally' was organized by the local community in Brown County Saturday.

NASHVILLE, Ind. — As you might expect, Nashville was humming Saturday. 

Tourists were everywhere just taking in Brown County but many of the locals were gathered at the corner of Main and Jefferson where Brown County and Black Lives Matter intersected.

"This is just amazing to speak out in my own home town," one of the organizers proclaimed.

The intersection was reserved for what was called a Solidarity Rally organized by the local community.

"Everybody is welcome in our little arts community and that even though we are predominantly white we want everyone to feel welcome in Nashville," a local vendor said. 

She was selling t-shirts with the Martin Luther King quote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

"Don't we all want to live in a community that lives up to it's principles," Speaker Chris Shelton asked.

The signs the audience had crafted for the occasion included phrases like: Silence is Violence, History has it's eyes on us, Racism is a Pandemic too, I'm listening, Silence is betrayal, BLM in BC, Your struggle is my Struggle and most importantly, I am here to learn.

"I am a teacher in my community so this is the first time I have taken a stand in my community. I'm glad I did. I feel very confident now," Kady Lane said.

"If we don't learn how to communicate with one another we will never find commonalities on the issues we have in the community," speaker Chris Shelton told his audience.

Nashville offered an opportunity to listen which organizers hope will be an opportunity to learn.

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