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Muncie councilwoman apologizes for racial remark made during council meeting

A central Indiana councilwoman is apologizing for a racist remark she admits making during a public council meeting.
Muncie City Councilwoman Linda Gregory (City of Muncie/Facebook)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WTHR) - A central Indiana councilwoman is apologizing for a racist remark she admits making during a public council meeting.

Councilwoman Linda Gregory is asking people to forgive her for her remarks, which were live streamed and posted to the City of Muncie's Facebook page. The Facebook post is being shared and receiving comments about the apology, which came almost 30 days after her remark.

“I spoke words at the last meeting that were hurtful, offensive, made people angry, I regret that," Gregory said.

She admits wrongdoing and sent Eyewitness News a statement, saying, "I made an insensitive comment at a council meeting in September, one I deeply regret because I was naïve about the implications of the words I used."

Still, the councilwoman isn't getting much love from people like Lisa Mercer. She is concerned about where the councilwoman would even learn to say something about others based on their race and ethnicity.

“Even though I was brought up in a rinky dink town with people of color that went to my school and I was not brought up like that and I hate it," Mercer said.

During the October council meeting, Gregory apologized after being given the floor after roll call.

“I do regret having said that and being insensitive to people," Gregory said.

"I know better now and made a public apology at our Monday night meeting, the same venue where the original statement was made. I also asked for forgiveness from those I have offended," her statement continued.

Eyewitness News spoke to Muncie's mayor by telephone for reaction. Mayor Dennis Tyler feels the apology should have come a lot sooner.

“Waiting over a month to make the apology, I think, was disrespectful to the black community," Tyler said.

The mayor told Eyewitness News that Gregory’s remarks do not reflect the city as a whole.

Pastor Samuel Burress talked to Eyewitness News about the councilwoman’s remarks while outside City Hall Friday afternoon.

“Since she apologized,” said Burress. “I guess that's good enough.”

During a telephone call with councilwoman Linda Gregory she told me that her remarks here in council chambers could not have come at a worse time because it is an election year.

Still, she hopes voters will return her to council to serve at-large.