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Mother's persistence may have led to arrests in son's murder in Brownsburg

Hendricks County authorities arrested three teens this week in the December 2011 death of Freddie Hegwood.

BROWNSBURG, Ind. — Tonya Hegwood doesn’t know for sure if she helped bring her son’s alleged killers to justice, but she didn't let a day go by without trying to make sure they were caught.

“I created fake Instagram accounts. One was a female, one was a male. With fake pictures,” Hegwood said. “I just kept watching all their posts and learned who their friends were and watched their friends, and eventually, I was able to give that information to the police.”

Earlier this week, Hendricks County investigators arrested three teens in the death of her son, Freddie Hegwood, back in December.

Eighteen-year-old Tyreontay Jackson, 17-year-olds Kamarion Moody and Jeremy Perez were arrested Tuesday. Sixteen-year-old Antonio Lane had previously been arrested.

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“I had to do it for him. I will go to court when court starts. I will be there. If they get a chance for parole, I will be there. As long as I am living, I won’t let them rest. My son can rest, but they can’t,” Hegwood said.

On the 15th of every month, Hegwood comes back to Haag Road in Brownsburg, where her son was killed. Most of the time, it’s hard, but Thursday, after the arrests, it was peaceful.

“I felt like today wasn’t just remembrance but celebration. That’s all the late nights I was on Instagram and TikTok and Snapchat and all the social media accounts paid off,” she said. 

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