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Mask enforcement: When customers refuse, what can businesses do?

Some businesses have complained that customers are refusing to wear face coverings.

GREENWOOD, Ind — It’s been four months since Indiana’s mask mandate went into effect. Some businesses have complained that customers are refusing to put one on.  

On Thursday, Greenwood's MashCraft Brewery was forced to close after they say a customer refused to wear a mask and violently threatened employees. The business said they have multiple signs up explaining the mask order.

13News went to see for ourselves how many people are following the rules. We picked a random gas station in Greenwood off I-65. For 30 minutes, we counted the number of people walking in with masks and without.  

The majority of customers were wearing a mask, but there was a surprising number of people who weren’t. We counted 43 people with a mask and 19 without one— a little over 30 percent.  

The station did have a "masks required” sign posted.

Here is what you need to know: 

According to the latest guidelines from the state, businesses must require all customers to wear a mask.  

Since it is a mandate and not a law, police aren’t issuing tickets to those who don’t wear them, but if you refuse to put one on and refuse to leave if a business asks, it can be considered trespassing.  

Businesses are also required to post signs about the mask mandate rules and social distancing. 

So far, Indiana leaders have taken an “education first” approach. Governor Eric Holcomb announced $20 million to help counties educate, bring awareness and enforce the mask mandate and social distancing. 

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