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LOOK INSIDE: Scott Jones holding massive estate sale at Carmel mansion

We're getting a better look at the unique items for sale at Scott Jones' $20 million mansion in Carmel.

CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) - A massive estate sale is happening at Scott Jones' $20 million mansion in Carmel starting on Thursday.

As the say, everything must go, including the Steinway piano and a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull. The man who invented voicemail has eclectic taste and it’s all getting price tags.

If you've not seen the place off 116th Street in Carmel, it's amazing. Jones has lived in Hawaii for the past several years, and he has decided to have an estate sale for his 27,000-square-foot mansion starting Thursday. The sale runs through Sunday.

The English country manor took seven years and $20 million to build, and features a 33-foot high great room, indoor tree house, and a 25-foot long saltwater aquarium. The home has been featured on national television shows, including HGTV's "Amazing Homes", Travel Channel's "Mega Mansions" and even MTV's "Cribs."

Jones also made it available through Airbnb last May.

Tiffany Parson, the woman overseeing the estate sale, shows us what's in the bathroom.

"The first item we're going to see is the full suit of armor. How often do you walk into a bathroom and sit next to this fella?" she said.

Jones created a two-story mahogany slide in the home, as well as a spectacular indoor basketball court and a stunning home theatre.

"I believe it's one of the few double-decker ones where you've got your standard movie seats down below and the second level has the couch," Parson said.

The grand room is, well, grand.

"You've got the beautiful aquarium, the fireplace. The whole ambiance is absolutely stunning," Parson said.

Want to buy an expensive piano? You're in luck.

"This is a 1990 Steinway concert grand piano, all original pieces," Parson said.

It's priced at $64,000.


One entire room contains "odds and ends" with guitars, stemware and toy soldiers.

But the biggest talker on the auction block is a sculpture.

"Everyone talks about the T-Rex sculpture, so this will be up for sale as well. The price on this lovely piece is $9,250," Parson said.

We're told there's something in the sale for every budget.

The four day sale will run from Sept. 14 - 17 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. each day, opening up Jones’ home at 1150 West 116th St. in Carmel to the public. For more information, visit Aether Estate Sales Co. online, or give them a call at (317) 567-2319.

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