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City director proposes vote of no confidence for Little Rock police chief

A city attorney for Little Rock is asking that a vote of confidence resolution against Chief Keith Humphrey be dropped from a meeting agenda.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — The attorney for the City of Little Rock has asked a resolution regarding a vote of no confidence against Chief Keith Humphrey be removed from the meeting agenda for Tuesday's meeting.

According to our reporter Melissa Zygowicz, city attorney Thomas Carpenter sent an internal memo to city director Lance Hines to request the resolution be pulled off the agenda due to "recent developments in litigation matters" that involve the city's police department.

The memo also referenced an opinion article by Washington Post reporter Radley Balko, which said that Arkansas attorney Chris Burks revealed "untruthful" information regarding two pending lawsuits against a Little Rock police officer.

"The problem is quite complicated," Carpenter said. "There are other facets that need to be considered. The point is, such careful consideration will not occur before the meeting tonight."

Hines said he is considering pulling the resolution from Tuesday's agenda meeting.

We will update this article with more information as it becomes available.