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Lifelong IU fan to see first game at Assembly Hall

Fred Farris has dreamed of stepping inside Assembly Hall for 77 years.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) — Indiana University fans have always been passionate. For them, the promised land is Assembly Hall.

Fred Farris has dreamed of stepping inside for 77 years.

This weekend he will finally get his chance thanks to a Christmas present from his daughter Michele.

"It was a ticket to come to a ballgame tomorrow against Ohio State. I just lost it," Fred said. "I says, 'Oh no. I've never been there.'"

Born a Buckeye, raised a Hoosier, Fred moved his family of six children 17 times over his career in the railroad and now is retired in Florida. He just couldn't make time to get to a game at IU.

Michele posted video of his reaction on Twitter. The post has gone viral, with more than 2,500 people liking it.

"The phone started ringing. I thought, 'I guess I did this right.' It's been overwhelming," Michele said.

Fred is overwhelmed with the the idea of visiting the place he has only ever seen on television.

"I want to look at the rafters. See the banners hanging. Try to get pictures of it. It's a dream come true," Fred said.