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Jill Behrman's family reacts to her convicted killer going free

Almost 20 years to the day since Jill Behrman disappeared, her mother was notified that her daughter's convicted killer was going to go free.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) — Almost 20 years to the day when Jill Behrman disappeared, her mom, Marilyn, was notified her daughter's convicted killer was going to go free.

"I was sad, angry, hurt, irritated, just dumbfounded really," she said during a 13News exclusive zoom interview Monday.

Friday's ruling in U.S. District Court said the accused John Myers II received ineffective counsel at trial.

"Just seems like the rights of victims are less than the rights of the criminals," Jill’s brother, Brian said.

To the Behrman family, the ruling just doesn't make sense.

"Potentially because of work by a lawyer, this man I believed killed my sister is going to walk free and that lawyer is still able to practice law in the state of Indiana," Brian said.

The Behrman's didn't expect any ruling until the 7th Circuit Court ruled on an appeal filed by the Indiana Attorney General. Now they don't believe that ruling will come down before the June 15 release date.

"Even if we feel justice is served, Jill is gone. She doesn't get to be an aunt to my kids, didn't get to be at my wedding," Brian said. "My kids will never get to hear her laugh or see her smile. She never got to have a wedding of her own. Have kids of her own."

All through this ordeal the Behrman's know they would never have peace but after 20 years they did believe they would have justice.

"This ruling completely surprises me," Marilyn said. "Like it's dismissing the rest of the case. It just feels so wrong."

So how will Marilyn feel June 15 when her daughter's convicted killer goes free and takes up residence just 10 miles from her home in Bloomington?

"What if. What if. There are way to many what if's for me," she said.

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