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Facebook group helping local moms during formula shortage

“We need help. We need support and we are desperate,” said Katie Foley.

INDIANAPOLIS — Families across the country are dealing with empty store shelves as the baby formula shortage continues to get worse.  

“We need help. We need support and we are desperate,” said Katie Foley.

Foley understands the struggle many parents are going through.  

A few weeks ago, the Zionsville mom was desperately searching for formula for her 11-month-old daughter, Collette. After checking almost every store, she finally found some in stock.  

“I just so happened to wake up one morning at 2 a.m. and Target had it in stock. So I quickly added it to my cart and bought it, but that was a fluke and the last time I’ve seen that specific formula in stock,” she said.  

Knowing how scary and stressful the situation can be, Foley started a Facebook group for central Indiana moms called “Indy Formula Moms.” It currently has more than 270 members from around the state. 

It allows parents a platform to give extra formula to those running low or check local stores to see what’s in stock.   

“There are even moms who are way past the formula phase that have joined the Facebook group and are going out to stores and are posting pictures, which is really cool to see that a community of women is coming together for the greater good,” Foley said.  

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It’s also a space for moms to give advice and ask questions.  

“To be going through a formula shortage, trying to feed your baby and also going through these new hormones, we all need support,” Foley said.  

Credit: Katie Foley

To help ease the burden on parents, the federal government is working to import more formula and crack down on price gouging.  

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Until then, local moms have joined together, hoping to feel some relief sooner than later.  

Credit: Facebook

“It takes a village, and I think this Facebook group is a testament to that,” Foley said.  

The group is open to anyone in Indiana that is in need or wants to help.  

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