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ISU student who survived deadly crash talks recovery, recalls moments that led up to tragedy

Omarion Dixon was seriously injured in a crash that killed three of his Indiana State University classmates and injured another.

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Omarion Dixon is resting at home after an 18-day stay at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

“I try to keep things positive, so I just play my game with my friends," said Dixon while playing PlayStation.

Keeping his chin up hasn’t been easy.  

“I always have that thought in my head, like, 'How and why did I make it out?'" he said.

Dixon’s wounds are still fresh. He has two broken legs, a broken arm, and a broken finger among other injuries. He is still required to keep off his feet.

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His injuries were a result of a crash near Terre Haute last month that killed three of Dixon’s fellow Indiana State University classmates - Christian Eubanks, Jayden Musili, and Caleb VanHooser. The crash left him and another friend, John Moore, badly injured. Dixon, Moore, Eubanks and VanHooser were all on the Indiana State football team.

Credit: Indiana State University
(From left to right) Christian Eubanks, 18, of Waukegan, Illinois; Jayden Musili, 19, of Fort Wayne; and Caleb VanHooser, 19, of Liberty Township, Ohio; were killed in a crash Sunday morning near Terre Haute.

“I remember I was going home and he was speeding a little bit, so I told him to slow down," recalled Dixon. "I put my seatbelt on, because I was a little scared. Then I thought I went to sleep.” 

The car Dixon was in slammed into a tree. 

“It all happened and all I hear is screaming," he said. "I'm telling John (Moore) to get out, get out, get out. He’s like, 'I can't. I can't.' So then we're laying there and they pulled us away from the car.” 

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Two bystanders Dixon called heroes pulled them to safety

“Right after they pulled us away from the car, that's when the car blew up," he said.

Credit: WTHR
Omarion Dixon

Dixon told 13News he and the others didn't drink any alcohol that night before their drive back from Bloomington. The initial police report said drinking was a factor in the crash.

Last month’s tragedy is something he’s still processing. 

“When I see pictures in the camera, it’s like, 'Dang, they’re really not here anymore,'" said Dixon. 

He's doing everything he can to get back on his feet. Most of the time, moving his legs from his bed.

“I try to see if I'm getting more power a little bit. I mean, I'm not supposed to, and I don't do it too much, but I try my hardest to see if I'm getting a little power," he said.

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Not taking any movement or second for granted. Last Friday night, he visited his alma mater, Harrison High School, for its football game.

“Me going into that game. It was like, very important to me," said Dixon. “I got to see all of my friends and I was able to reunite with my old team and they were so happy to see me. It made me feel better.” 

Dixon said he's confident he'll be able to suit up for the Sycamores football team next fall.

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