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IPL preparing for outages, suggests customers do the same

IPL is gearing up for a weekend storm by beefing up its crews.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Like many utilities, IPL is gearing up for a weekend storm by beefing up its crews, bringing in an extra 24 people Saturday and an extra 23 Sunday.

Unlike last week's storm, Saturday's storm is expected to bring several inches of snow. IPL's Claire Rice says that's concerning.

"If we get freezing rain and ice, it has the potential to affect power lines and infrastructure and we're really worried about the sustained winds and gusts," she said.

IPL, which has 490,000 customers across central Indiana, is preparing for scattered power outages. They're also asking customers to do their part.

"We encourage everyone to be weather aware and prepared," she said. "That means have an emergency backup plan if you experience an outage."

She encourages customers to have another place to go should there be an extended outage and packing an emergency kit. IPL recommends it include food and water, cash, flashlights, candles, medication, blankets and batteries, along with a car charger and pet items.

Rice said if you have to travel, tread carefully, especially with the threat of whiteout conditions and the potential for downed power lines and stoplights not working.

"Our hope is it's just snow and ice and we have minimal impact to service but in the event we do, we're fully staffed and we want customers to be prepared as well," she said.

If you experience an outage or see downed power lines or traffic signals that are out, Rice said to report it, preferably online at their website or by calling (317) 261-8111