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Indy woman spreads kindness through random acts

The gesture is part of Douglas' new non-profit, Kindness to One Another.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - What would you do if someone approached you at the store and offered to buy your groceries?

You'd probably say, "yeah, right, what's the catch?"

For one Indianapolis woman trying to spread a little kindness, there is no catch.

"For me, this is what I was born for," said Mary Douglas, as she left the mall. "It's my mission."

She and Jayne Snoddy plotted their shopping spree Thursday afternoon. The went to a west side mall to buy back-to-school clothes. They just weren't sure for who.

They walked into a big box store, looking for someone who might need a boost or appreciate some help at the cash register. They found a grandfather, Herbert Blain, shopping for clothes with his 9-year-old grandson Keshaun.

They struck up a conversation and learned that Blain has custody of Keshaun and his sister. "There's so much stuff (to get) with two kids," Blain said. "There's a lot."

Not long after, in a too-good-to-be-true moment, Douglas told them she wanted to pay for Keshaun's clothes.

"This is my kindness. You touched me," she said. She saw their faces light up. "Just smile, yes," she said. "That's contagious."

Douglas led Deshaun to the checkout, picking up the $43 bill. The gesture is part of Douglas' new non-profit, Kindness to One Another.

"We need to have every single one of us offer kindness to as many people as we can," she said. "Our form of kindness is paying a bill. I just couldn't think of any other impactful way that could be so meaningful and touch life so deeply and that's what started all this."

This was their fifth random act of kindness. Others included buying groceries and paying for gas.

"We're not changing a life forever, but we're making a weekend better or week better, for someone," said Snoddy, who has joined Douglas each time.

"It's wonderful, simply wonderful," said Blain. "It makes me feel really, really good. I feel like there's so much negativity in the world and we need more positive."

Keshaun called Douglas and Snoddy "very nice ladies. It just warms my heart up. It's kind and helpful and I might do this when I'm grown up."

That's exactly what the two women love to hear, that their simple acts will encourage more Kindness to One Another.