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'I will never give up' | Indianapolis mother asks for community's help to solve son's murder

Mary Love's son, Aaron Grice, was shot and killed during a dice game on Dec. 26, 2018. He was just 22 years old.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis is closing out 2021 with a record-breaking number of homicides. More than 260 homicides claimed the lives of people all across our city.

Family members of those victims spent the holidays without their loved ones.

Another Christmas has come and gone and the Indianapolis mother Mary Love is still waiting for justice for her son, who was killed three years ago.

"A lot of people were there that night and seen what happened, but no one wants to talk," Love said.

It's been three years with no answers and no arrests. While most people look forward to Christmas, for Love and her family, it's just another reminder of who's missing from the table. Every year, she asks for the same gift, and every year, she's been disappointed.

"I asked for it last Christmas. I hope it's a big New Year's wish that comes true," Love said.

Credit: Mary Love
22-year-old Aaron Grice was murdered at the Canterbury House Apartments on Franklin Road on Dec 26, 2018, and his mother is still seeking justice.

Her son, Aaron Grice, was murdered at the Canterbury House Apartments on Franklin Road on Dec 26, 2018. He was only 22.

"The past three years, it's like anxiety attacks, can't sleep, can't eat, just feel like you relive it over. It's not like it's three years in my mind. It's like it happened today," Love said.

Someone shot and killed Grice after a disagreement about a dice game escalated.

"They took him, over a dollar or two. I can't even say it was $100. His life was worth more than that," Love said. 

She said the days since that time three years ago have been tough.

"That night I basically … I kind of died. It's like me trying to survive with one of my kids gone," Love said.

She feels like the lack of movement in her son's case is part of a bigger issue in the city when it comes to achieving justice for victims.

"I miss him, and I'm frustrated because there are too many kids getting killed and no one is paying for it," Love said.

But that's not going to stop her from pursuing justice. She held a balloon release in Grice's honor on Sunday to remind him of her promise.

"Mommy is still hoping and wishing and praying that you get justice. I will never give up, I know that much, until the day I die. I can say that. We are going to get justice one day," Love said. 

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