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Indianapolis business spends Thursday preparing for Black Friday rush

The owner of Hangtime Indy said the pandemic and inventory shortages has presented challenges for small businesses.

INDIANAPOLIS — Some local businesses spent part of Thanksgiving Day preparing for the Black Friday rush. 

Other businesses said supply shortages will prevent them from offering Black Friday sales.

Monty Ramadan, the owner of Hangtime Indy, said he keeps the doors to his store open 365 days a year.

"We take advantage of all the corporate stores being closed, and all the mom-and-pop stores being closed. We do really well, people who want that last-minute shopping on Thanksgiving," Ramadan said.

In a normal year, Ramadan would be preparing to offer Black Friday sales and events, but this year is different. He said the pandemic and shortage of inventory has made it hard for small businesses.

"It's been a challenge. We don't have enough inventory to take the challenge or risk for a Black Friday sale," he said.

Many similar businesses are still waiting for things like shoes and apparel to be shipped to their stores. It makes it hard for them to keep up with inventory.

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"We are still waiting on things for Christmas, we are still waiting on things for Q4, which is our November and December product. It's been a challenge. It's been rough ride. Hopefully, things get better in 2022," said Ramadan.

Even though he's hoping for the best, he still preparing for the worst.

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"Everybody relies on income that we have to produce. 2021 was a challenge. I think 2022 will be an even bigger challenge, due to these ports being backed up and freight not coming in," said Ramadan.

Those challenges are why Ramadan said it's important for customers support small businesses.

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"We struggle just like the big guys struggle, but we are here to stay. We have to fight for it," said Ramadan.