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Indianapolis boy makes Christmas wish list for other kids

Like most 9-year-olds, Joey Johnson enjoys looking through catalogs. But this season, he's shopping for strangers.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Joey Johnson is just about finished making his Christmas list. Like most 9-year-olds, he has fun looking through catalogs.

However, none of the items he has picked out are for him. Everything he wants is for other kids.

Kids he’s never met.

“I was actually surprised that not many other people were having very good lives, and I just really wanted people to have a nice life,” said Johnson.

In a few weeks, Johnson will purchase three bikes for children in impoverished countries. He saved for months to buy the bikes from the World Vision Gift Catalog, selling popcorn through his Cub Scout pack.

It’s especially selfless, considering Joey’s childhood has presented its own challenges.

Joey was born with Mitochondrial Disease, a rare genetic disorder that produces a wide range of symptoms and has no cure.

Joey currently spends most of his time in a wheelchair and says that’s part of why he wants other children to feel the freedom he doesn’t have.

But Joey wants to do more than give just three bicycles.

He has a Christmas wish list of other items he would like to buy for kids across the globe, including:

  • Children with Disabilities Fund – “I can't imagine if I was in another country and didn't have the things I have to help me. The list the fund provides is all the stuff that I need and get here."
  • Wheelchairs – “If one person gets a chair, they will be able to go to school and move around without hurting themselves.”
  • Alpaca – “Because they can help with travel and are really fluffy to curl up next to if they get cold. They can also use their wool for clothing.”
  • Relief beds – “I have a nice, soft area to sleep. I want someone else to have a nice, soft area to sleep, too.”
  • Soccer balls – “At first, I asked why soccer balls? But the video showed that kids deserved to have fun with a real soccer ball. I love soccer and it makes me happy to think of kids playing soccer.”

“When you see them starting to make their own decisions and really figure out how to help those around them, there is no better feeling as a parent,” said Joey’s mother Kelly.

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