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Good boy! TSA K-9 sent into retirement with tennis ball surprise

TTirado served more than eight years as a explosive detection canine at the Indianapolis International Airport.
Credit: TSA/Twitter
TSA canine TTirado celebrated his last day on the job at the Indianapolis International Airport.

INDIANAPOLIS — A federal agent is heading into retirement with a viral video of his send-off and a whole lot of tennis balls.

TTirado, an explosive detection canine with the Transportation Security Administration who served for more than eight years at the Indianapolis International Airport, officially retired this week. TSA spokesperson Mark Howell captured TTirado's retirement party on video and it quickly went viral on Twitter.

As TTirado sniffed around a suitcase surrounded by balloons, then sat down, dozens of tennis balls dropped from the ceiling, sending the pup into a playful frenzy.

A little more than a day after it was posted, the video had been retweeted 4,100 times.

TTirado was named in honor of Hector Luis Tirado Jr., a New York firefighter who died while serving during the September 11 attacks. Howell noted in a separate tweet that canines who are named in honored in that way have their names spelled with a double first letter.

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Accordng to Howell, TTirado was one of the TSA's longest-serving canines.

He shared more photos of TTirado during his career and in retirement.

TTirado was adopted by his handler, Keith Gray, and will live with Gray's family, which includes a new dog, a German shorthaired pointer, which Gray is currently training.

"He has been one of the best partners I could have ever asked for, I learned so much from him," Gray said of TTirado in a video posted Thursday. "He gets to stay at home with me and be my house buddy for the rest of his life."