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Local 5th-grade class makes video to show support to those in nursing homes

A fifth-grade class wants to let nursing home residents that they're not alone.

INDIANAPOLIS — A fifth-grade class at Lincoln Elementary School made a video to be distributed to nursing homes around the area.

"We know that times like these can be lonely and scary," fifth-grader Laura Wires said. 

The fifth-graders said they want to let the people in those homes know they are there for them. 

"Even though we can't come visit, or speak face to face or hear stories of when you were young or interact and talk. Even if we aren't in person we can still be close," they said in the video. 

"I think it's important that we teach all students, but especially when they're the age that they are now fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders, just to give back to society," said the students' teacher, Brian Young said. "Just because sometimes those individuals are sometimes forgot about in the nursing homes and a lot of students are age don't really understand that."

But Young is making sure his students do just that. 

"We will overcome this, we will get right back to where we were," the video continued. "And when we are free, we will come visit you. We will play games and puzzles. We are thinking of you every day and we miss hearing your stories."