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Inspiring Indiana: The power of music during the pandemic

Anywhere from 60 to 80 kids from throughout central Indiana are still singing in unison.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — There is no debating the power of music.

It would be hard to find a greater testimony to that then the Indianapolis Children's Choir. Even COVID-19 can't silence these voices.

"Being home has reminded me how lucky we are to be together, and so it reminds me that I love what I am doing. It's a great place to be," said 15-year-old Susanna Swinger from Park Tudor.

Anywhere from 60 to 80 kids from throughout central Indiana are still singing in unison.

"Music has always been my escape, so whether it's online or in person, it's a lot better," said Gabby Ellis, 15, from Herron High School.

The virus has led to virtual rehearsals and that leads to another set of issues, according to Josh Pedde, Artistic Director for the Indianapolis Children's Choir.

"Some don't turn on their picture and I am like, 'Hey McKenna, what are you doing there?'" he said. "I see four screens of the kids faces."

But each of those faces knows why it is this way. They see the world around them and they see Hoosiers reaching out to help Hoosiers.

"We are always there to help one another and ICC has built a great foundation for that," said McKenna Clark, 15, who is home schooled.

"It's about being together, even though we can't physically be there," said Noblesville West student Lilly Ferazzi, 13.

The goal is to use art to make lives better for others.

"They have such a caring heart. This is their opportunity to shine and help lead through this," said Pedde.

One voice at a time.

"It's definitely different because we cannot hear each other at the same time because it goes crazy, but it's definitely a fun experience still and I still enjoy it," said 14-year-old Adria Scott from Fall Creek Valley Middle School.

But put all the voices together in harmony and it's an example for all of us.

"Even though we are far apart, we are still very close together, as you can tell," Pedde said.