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Inspiring Indiana: Local girl becomes entrepreneur

Twelve-year-old Kennedy is becoming an entrepreneur with the help of family, a local business owner, and Make-A-Wish.

INDIANAPOLIS — Kennedy was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect as a baby. Only half her heart works. But with the help of family, a local business owner, and Make-A-Wish, dreams are still coming true for Kennedy. 

When 12-year-old Kennedy was asked what her big wish was, she knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

"I'm a little bit nervous. But I hope we get to sell a lot headbands and make other people happy," said Kennedy.

With the help of a local business, Crimson Tate, hopefully they make that goal a bit easier. This fashionista who loves to accessorize has designed and created more than a thousand headbands to sell, helping others move through the Indy streets in style!

"Well, I really like flowers and things. So I just love the fabrics with the flowers on them," said Kennedy.

Flowers, rainbows, pink, purple and glitter, these headbands are ready for the big Saturday sale.

Kennedy says she wanted her health journey to inspire her business. 

"So I decided to make headbands with a heart because I have a heart defect, and I thought it would combine my story and my business together," said Kennedy.

With her mom by her side, she's been able to achieve a lot.

"She has such a big heart. She wants to give and she wants to spread joy all over the world," said Tashia Washington, Kennedy's mom.

And when she said she wanted to be an entrepreneur, I'm like well, you know, go with it! I'm so proud of her, because who would've thought her first job would have been her own business." 

And though doctors have said only half her heart works, she has more than enough love to spread into the community and through her work. 

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