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'Life doesn't stop because you get older' | Indianapolis seniors pack center's Friday dance parties

"The music takes me back and makes me feel good," said one participant on the dance floor.

INDIANAPOLIS — People have been asking about a brightly colored building on Indy's east side

"They wanna know what's going on over there at 3020 Post Road," said Leslie Allen.

On most days, the answer to that question is probably what you would expect from a newly-opened adult day center. They've got crafts, board games, lunch and a little bingo to round out the day.

But come Friday, this isn't your grandparents' senior center.

Don't let the walkers, wheelchairs or canes fool you. This is a dance party.

"Welcome to lunch with Jerry Wade at Quality Life! Throw your hands in the air. It's going to be a lovely day," Wade told the group. "Throw your hands up. Get 'em up, get em up, get 'em up. We're living life in 2021, c'mon!"

These seniors, as the kids say, are living their best life, and the weekly lunchtime turn up at Quality Life with Indianapolis is one of the reasons.

106.7 WTLC's Wade, known as "The Loverman" in on the microphone.

"Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you can't get out and have some fun, and this is kind of what this is all about," Wade said.

"I'm ready to get up and jam," said Rosemary Mitchell. I'm ready to start dancing now!"

And jam she does, even if it's with her motorized scooter nearby.

"I was brought up in the clubs and stuff. I always danced," Mitchell said. "Coming in here just kind of reminds me you still got some life in you. It's not over."

Not by a long shot - and not for Robert Bond.

"The music takes me back and makes me feel good, yeah," he said.

Sure, when Bond looks in the mirror, he sees a 76-year-old man. But when he hears the music, that's not how he feels inside.

"It takes me back to my prime, you know?" Bond said. "I wasn't no bad lookin' cat."

Neither was Barry Canada, and he's here the dance floor to show you why.

"They probably haven't seen the moves I can do," said Canada.

"I might be feeling down in the dumps, but when Barry gets up and does that Michael Jackson, then everybody, 'go Barry, go Barry, go Barry,' so that lifts up our spirits and makes us feel good," said Donna Hall.

That's not always easy in this crowd, many feeling the aches and pains that sometimes come with age. But when Hall hears those first few notes of a song, she feels 27 again.

"I was really able to bust a move then," she said. "Sorry you didn't know me then, Emily, or else you would have really seen some moves going on."

They're pushing back against the idea that their best days are behind them. 

"They put those canes down, those walkers, and they kick it," said Leslie Allen. "Life doesn't stop because you get older."

Wade said using a walker or a cane doesn't matter.

"When you hear that song that you love, you're gonna get on that dance floor," Wade said. "You're never too old to turn up." 

The seniors here have lived plenty, and they're not done yet. 

Not even close.

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