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Honey doesn't have a lot of days left, but still has a lot of living to do

Honey is 15 years old and has a terminal mass on her heart. She came to Far Fetched Dog Rescue after her owner passed away.

INDIANAPOLIS — Walks are a big thing in Honey's life. Her lifelong owner passed away recently so she ended up with Rachel Rice.

"She is so full of life and so fun. She deserves a happy go lucky song just about her," she told us on the front porch of her home on the west side of Indianapolis.

She deserves more than that. 

In fact the 15-year-old Beagle has a lengthy bucket list. It includes so many fun things like cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, a convertible ride and #11 is of particular interest...it reads "be on TV." 

Credit: Far Fetched Dog Rescue
Honey getting a chicken nugget meal as part of her bucket list.

"Since Honey does have a terminal mass on her heart her time with us is limited," Rice admitted.

That is why Honey landed with Rachel at Far Fetched Dog Rescue. She takes care of dogs who are at the end of life.

"With a hospice dog you are looking at every single day like it's their last day so not only are they getting to enjoy that but you are getting to enjoy that with them," she said.

Far Fetched Dog Rescue has been around for about 4 years. She has a Rainbow Bridge area with a picture of every single dog who has passed on while in her care.

"It's a constant reminder that it's going to be sad and it will break your heart when they leave you. But you are able to take their life where they are sitting in a shelter and terrified and confused to laying on a dog bed, hanging out at home and really being a member of your family," Rice said.

Which gets us back to Honey's Bucket List.

Credit: Far Fetched Dog Rescue
Honey has a terminal mass on her heart and not long to live.

"We have something everyday like that order of nuggets all the way to a ride in a convertible. Dinner on the patio of a restaurant. We have a plan to take to her to the beach about a week from now," Rice said.

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We should all be so lucky to have a friend there to help us at the end of our lives even when we don't know the end is near.

If you would like to help Honey and other dogs like her you can go to the group web page at Far Fetched Dog Rescue.

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