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Group workout at Indianapolis gym turns into friendship and lifesaving gift

Latonia Fleming and Rocio Cisaeros are both O-positive, making Cisaeros a match to donate a kidney to Fleming.

INDIANAPOLIS — Two members of a local gym called Power P Bounce are on a lifesaving journey together. The exercise group gathers weekly for an intense workout, lots of laughs, and support.

"When you come in you just feel relieved," said Latonia Fleming.

Fleming and Rocio Cisaeros are members of the group. They met at the gym about a year ago. When they joined, they had no idea their chance encounter would lead to a friendship that would change both of their lives.

"I'm not the most spiritual or religious person but I think Ms. Tonia and I met for a reason," Cisaeros said

That reason was to share a special gift. Tonia has been on the kidney transplant list for five years, fighting for her life.

"You can't do a lot of things. I couldn't work as I wanted to. My finances were bad. That's why I started exercising because I didn't want to think about if I was going to live or die," Fleming said.

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Cisaeros was aware of Fleming's condition and one day asked her a simple question that would change everything.

"She asked me what's your blood type? I told her O-positive. She said, 'I'm O-positive too! I got two I'll give you one,'" Fleming said.

Cisaeros was serious. She took it upon herself to take the next steps to donate her kidney to Fleming.

"She texts me, 'Hey, save the date for Oct. 10. It's confirmed.' When I first read the text I was so shocked. I lost my breath for a minute. Lord, thank you. This lady is about to give me a part of her life to save my life," Fleming said.

To some people, signing up and preparing to become a donor may seem like a long, hard process. But Cisaeros said it's worth it.

"There's so much sadness and anger in the world. So if I could bring a little hope into it, I feel like I've accomplished something," Cisaeros said.

Credit: WTHR

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The owner of Power of P Bounce Company, Precious Jones, said this friendship is a perfect example of why this class is more than just bounce.

"This is a ministry. It's more than people coming in here and working out. This is absolutely a walk, a journey, a lifestyle," Jones said.

As both Cisaeros and Fleming prepare for the lifesaving operation on Oct. 10, they hope their story encourages other people to be kind and look for friendships in unexpected places.

"Never give up and believe that miracles do happen. She's in my life forever. She's not going nowhere," Fleming said.

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