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Indiana State Police enforcing 'stay-at-home' order as additional charges during traffic stops

Troopers aren't targeting travelers but say drivers pulled over for other offenses have also been charged with violating the "stay-at-home" order.
(Getty Images/Igor Vershinsky)

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS) — It's been almost a week since Gov. Eric Holcomb put a "stay-at-home" order into effect, and Indiana State Police are enforcing it.

Troopers say they aren't patrolling or pulling people over specifically for the "stay-at-home" order, but they have already charged people for violating it.

"They're caught for another reason, and then they end up with an additional charge violating the 'stay-at-home' order," Indiana State Police PIO Carey Huls said.

Indiana's "stay-at-home" order means essential trips only.

"I think some people might want to consider what the word 'essential' means," Huls said.

Huls said most people have been paying attention to the order but said "maybe not as much as we'd like to see."

"Our ability to do this is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain," Huls said. "If it's not essential, stay at home. Just because something is listed as essential business doesn't mean that you need to make a trip there."

Huls mentioned that even though parks are open, you may be violating the social distancing standards if too many people are visiting them at a time.

Huls also encouraged any grocery shopping to be done by one member of the family.

"Just consider that anywhere you go, it's a very good possibility that you could come into contact with it," Huls said.

"If we can minimize the people that are out and about, this will go a lot faster," Huls said. "If people don't take it seriously, then this could be the norm for quite some time, and nobody wants that."