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State Police teaches prevention methods, public awareness in active shooter training

ISP offers a free program called URASE to help Hoosiers prepare in the event of an active shooter situation.

INDIANAPOLIS — With the nation on high alert after several mass shootings, state police have some guidance for Hoosiers seeking to be prepared.

“It’s not something that has to consume your life, you don’t have to be paranoid. Quite the opposite. We want you to feel prepared,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine.

For nearly a decade, ISP has offered a free program called Unarmed Response To An Active Shooter (URASE) to help Hoosiers prepare in the event of an active shooter situation. 

Perrine said whether you’re at school, the grocery store or at work, it’s important to always have a plan.

“Think about, ‘What would I do?’ and understand what your options are so you can make a decision with the information available to you,” Perrine said. 

In an active shooter situation, Perrine said your options are to run, hide or fight. The action you take may depend on where you are, how close you are to the shooting and what’s happening around you.

Perrine said thinking ahead can increase your chances of getting to safety.  

“Recognizing exits and having an exit strategy everywhere you go, even if it’s at a restaurant or movie theater or a church,” Perrine said. 

Prevention is a big part of being prepared for an active shooter situation.

"Any suspicious behavior should be reported. The question is, where does that behavior get reported to and what environment are you in? And so, make sure you understand who you can talk to if you have concerns about somebody else, things they say, things they do. Any threat should be taken seriously," Perrine said. 

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Being situationally aware and prepared is important, no matter where you are. Perrine said having that plan in place can help ensure that instead of freezing or panicking, you’re ready to act - and act quickly - if the worst should happen.

“But having a plan for that slim chance is going to increase your safety,” said Perrine.

ISP offers the program in every Indiana county. In Indianapolis, they conduct between 50 and 75 URASE trainings each year. 

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Your school, church or business can request ISP visit to present the URASE program with you and your group. There is no charge.

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