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Indiana State Museum to debut unique exhibit: Gallery One

The exhibit will give guests an interactive snapshot of what you'll see in the rest of the museum.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Museum will open its newest permanent exhibit, Gallery One, this Saturday, but it doesn't feature any specific part of their collection.

Gallery One focuses on the guests' perspective and will offer guests new ways to look at other pieces throughout the museum.

“We hope that when they come in, they'll be curious and eager to find out new things," said Cathy Donnelly, the museum's exhibit developer. "This exhibit really addresses that. People who are curious and want to learn something might be surprised to find that objects can tell stories."

The exhibit features objects that guests can interact with, view from different perspectives and provide their own opinions.

"We hope people come in with their own stories to tell and feel empowered by looking at the objects," said Donnelly. "Maybe they relate to the object because they had one when they were a child, or they currently are collecting those kinds of objects, or maybe there's something that just really is interesting."

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Gallery One features real objects from the museum's collection that have been displayed including the five most recent items that were added to the collection.

"If you're new to this museum, you haven't been here before, yes, this will help you get a picture, a snapshot, of what you'll see in the rest of the museum," said Donnelly, "and will help you understand a little bit more about why we collect, how we collect and how we honor multiple voices.”

Gallery One opens to the public Saturday, June 25.

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