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Indiana's 2022 legislative session kicks off Tuesday

The short session begins Tuesday, but lawmakers are set to debate several big issues.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana lawmakers are gearing up to return to the state capitol for the start of the legislative session, which begins Tuesday.

It’s a short session, but lawmakers are scheduled to take on big issues.

Emergency order & workplace vaccines

The first on everyone's mind is ending the state's public health emergency. 

In an unprecedented move, lawmakers met twice in December to discuss a GOP plan to end the order.

The proposed bill that would do it, House Bill 1001, took a controversial turn because it would also gut workplace vaccine mandates. That provision pitted many business and health care leaders against it.

Still, it’s on track to pass. There are 56 state representatives as co-authors, but we can expect more debate in 2022.

Marion County violence

Lawmakers are also gearing up to target violence in Marion County, a response to Indianapolis reporting another record number of homicide cases.

A suite of bills proposes stricter GPS monitoring and reforming the bail-bond system. Lawmakers are proposing to regulate charity bail organizations. They also want to make judges read probable cause affidavits, not just charges, before setting bond. 

Marijuana possibilities

Then, there's weed.

2022 promises another set of pot bills, from legalizing recreational marijuana to medical marijuana.

We heard from both Republicans and Democrats pushing for changes to Indiana's cannabis law. Advocates hope lawmakers can get some of those bills a hearing and possibly pass a bill to form a cannabis commission.

The House and the Senate will meet simultaneously Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

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