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Indiana 8th grader attacked at school, incident caught on camera

Da'tayvion Holmes is still recovering from his injuries. The physical scar is healing, but his mental and emotional wounds are still raw.

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind — A student in Clinton County is facing charges for attacking another student with a lunch tray.

The attack happened to Clinton Central Junior High eighth-grader Da'tayvion Holmes. His family believes it was a racist attack.

"It was a normal day until lunch came. I was sitting there eating my food. I heard a loud bang. I didn't know what happened. I just look up and everyone is looking at me and the student walks off," Da'tayvion said..

The attack was caught on video by other students.

The eighth-grader was hit with a lunch tray that shattered when it made impact with the side of his head. Da'tayvion said the student cussed him out afterward.

Da'tayvion landed in the hospital with a deep cut on his ear, which a doctor glued together.

"After that, I was scared to even be around the state," Da'tayvion said.

At the time of the incident, Da'tayvion was living in Michigantown in Clinton County with his dad and stepmom. After no longer feeling safe, Da'tayvion moved.

He is now living in Atlanta, Georgia, with his mom.

The family believes the attack was racially motivated.

The teen's father, Herman Holmes, said Da'tayvion was regularly called racial slurs while attending Clinton Central.

"I came out here and brought my kid for a better life, for them to go to school and enjoy themselves and play sports, and this is what happens," Herman said.

This is the second time 13News has covered a student being attacked at Clinton Central. The first time involved Herman's other son, who was attacked in the cafeteria.

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Herman said he doesn't understand how the school can allow this to continue. 

"My child should never have to go to school and fear for his life," Herman said.

Da'tayvion is still recovering from his injuries. The physical scar is healing, but his mental and emotional wounds are still raw.  

"Until this day, I still have major headaches throughout the day. I still have trauma from it. I was in the bathroom at a gas station, and the door slammed. I jumped really badly. I was scared. Loud noises scare me," Da'tayvion said.

Da'tayvion's parents are working with a lawyer to get justice.

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