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Indiana colleges and universities plan to open for fall semester

​Things will be different on college campuses when classes resume, due to the coronavirus pandemic.​

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Come August, thousands of students will start or return to college. ​

​Indiana University campuses are making changes, including having both online and in-person classes​

​Things will be different due to the coronavirus pandemic.​

​Students attending Indiana University return August 24. ​

"We have worked very hard to plan for a fall that is both productive but also safe," said Nasser Paydar, Chancellor at IUPUI.​

​Paydar says expect rigorous cleaning protocols. Masks will be required and have been ordered for all students, faculty and staff.​

So will screening, testing and management of COVID-19. ​ ​

Only one student per room will be allowed to live in residence halls.​

​"On exceptional occasions, we may allow people to pick their partners if they are always together, friends or even relatives," said Paydar.​

​Paydar says there are ample off-campus apartments and housing, should residence halls fill up.​

​The academic year will run from August 24 through May 9, but in three parts and with no fall or spring breaks.​

The fall semester runs August 24 through December 20, but after Thanksgiving week, all classwork will move online until the end of the semester.​

​"We know there will come a time during the year that there may be an overlap of flu season peak and COVID-19, so because of that and because we want to avoid the period from Thanksgiving to very early February, our (in-person) classes are going to end at IUPUI right before Thanksgiving," said Paydar.​

​The Spring semester begins online only January 18. ​In-person courses begin February 8 and go through May 9th.​

​In a letter to the IU community, President Michael McRobbie said leaders will "adapt to new developments as they happen."​

​"Every member of our community will need to adapt their personal behavior to help ensure the health of others, respect the necessity of some inconveniences, forego some favored activities and demonstrate flexibility and resilience should conditions change," said McRobbie.​

​Other schools like Purdue and Ball State have similar plans. ​

​Ball State University Board of Trustees voted unanimously Wednesday to approve plans for face-to-face instruction to beginning August 24.​

​Classes at Purdue University also begin August 24. https://protect.purdue.edu/updates/fall-academic-calendar-announced/​

Purdue University's Board of Trustees approved plans to accommodate students who cannot or choose to work remotely during the fall semester.​