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IMPD Lieutenant: 'We should find peaceful resolutions'

There was a clear feeling Monday night would not end well.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The tension was so thick you could practically see it.

Protestors on one end advancing on the governor’s residence, while on the other end officers geared up and readied themselves. There was a clear feeling Monday night would not end well.

But with emotions and nerves high, a negotiation led to a moment of beauty.

“I kind of saw an opportunity and I wanted to see if I could deescalate the situation and find some common ground,” said Lt. Andrew Rolinson.

He was the officer who spoke with protest organizers, came to a compromise and and then walked with those protestors.

“I just told him, 'look if you can get your group to back up and create a buffer zone, show that we can have some room to voice our opinions, I will come out and I will embrace you, show that we can work together,'” Lt. Rolinson said.

Rolinson is a 17-year veteran of IMPD, but said these circumstances are unlike anything before.

“I can tell you, processing it all. I still haven’t… I’m on very little sleep. It’s a lot to take in right now,” Rolinson said.

He hopes this could be the start of a turning point and doesn't think what he did was anything special, just what was needed.

“I feel like it is what we should be doing. I don’t feel like it’s extraordinary. I feel like that is what you can expect of our police department...to find peaceful resolutions every time that we can,” Rolinson said.

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